This is specifically for those with certain types of diseases, ailments, and medical problems. This spell's effects are ACTIVE for 2 weeks and continues to manifest long after. That’s because it’s a 5 day straight ritual. Improvements are seen very quickly and new developments on improvement are made every single day. To see and learn more about how my health magic works, check out my Youtube video:
Past Cases (skill level is not limited to these only): Kidney stones, Kidney problems, UTI's, Angina (Heart Problems), Parkinsons, Dementia, Alzheimers, Eyesight, Colds/Flu/Fever/CVid, Chronic Headaches Crohn's Diseasse, IBS, Chronic Back Pain, Inflammation, Sprained Wrist, Carpel Tunnel, Broken Bones, The tip of a finger getting cutting off
Email me immediately after purchase with the specific ailment and details about the target's symptoms, sensations, pains, and health issues. Some Medical Conditions cost less to heal so feel free to inquire prior to purchase to see if you can get a reduced price - on the contrary, some people may need more.

Custom Healing Ritual