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All mirrors come with a Basic Magic Mirror Manual guide written by Dabbie/OccultHours. Magic Mirrors are one of the first things I started selling on GenePool22 and are something I enjoy crafting when I have the time. These mirrors are 3.875" in diameter, and fit in your hand. You can choose to get one with a rim where you can double it up for scrying and add water into the center, or you can get the plain mirror. 


All of my handmade black mirrors consist of the 7 planetary elements, which make it elemental, not the kind of elemental that is Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, but the elements of the elemental table; included with Gene Pool's secret amplifying blend all embedded into this one-of-a-kind black mirror. All 7 planetary metals are embedded into the mirror, each metal personally sourced from countries all over the world. These are very powerful magic mirrors because of the precious metals: 24k gold, silver, mercury, tin, lead, copper, and iron; which you can easily see when inspecting the back piece. Each of these elements have their own unique and powerful metaphysical properties that make all energetic practices and ritual work POWERFUL. Gene Pool has finally found a perfected formula to accumulate charge for universal uses. A wide range of uses include ritual, chakra, meditation, magick, scrying, protection, and the possibilities are endless.


All of the ingredients and consecration that goes into these mirrors are to enhance scrying, energy work, and all sorts of divination and spirit communication. In short, these ingredients hold any and all types of charges: intent, visualizations, manifestations, akasha/spirit, love, etc. These charging pads are filled with energy and very versatile for usage.

Elemental Magic Mirrors

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