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Consecrated with the energies of Jupiter & Saturn Conjunct at the same time as Winter Solstice (Yule). These Coffin Nails were quenched and imbued on this powerful astrological event in 2020 with Psychic Enhancement oil and Protection Oil.  Afterwards they were heated, forged, and shaped. Marks were added for various numerical influence, The heads were shaped to 4, 6, and 8 sided. They were sharpened, hardened, Brassed and Waxed. These are complete and complex tools with an aesthetic gold look and an aetheric potency for any of your protective spell work. The Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction happens only once every 20 years and the coffin nails consecrated on December 21st 2020 happened to be during the closest conjunction these 2 planets have had in 397 years. From our POV, the planets should have only shown 0.1 degrees apart. Properties: The energy of this transit brings about powerful change and transformation to old/past structures by endowing the ability to carve ones own destiny. The energies of the Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction 2020 are imbued into these Coffin Nails. This can be used as a powerful talisman to keep in ones own energetic field, as well as for candle magic. These are made specifically with oils enchanted for protection and psychic/energetic empowerment so is also best used in spells pertaining to each. How to use: These coffin nails are made to also be used as scribes to enforce and enhance intentions when performing magic. You can carve into candles, runes, crystals, and anything that your imagination can fathom. Ritualis and I have our own nails from this conjunction and we use it specifically for carving our names and intentions into candles. These scribes are powerful for protection candle magic as well as cleansing magic. I use them for all purpose but have noticed amplified results in those categoriesEach is completely unique, so choosing will be best done intuitively and instinctually. Occult Hours and Winter Wolf Jewelry Collaboration: & If you require guidance please contact us.

Great Conjunctive Solstice Coffin Nails

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