Protection is one of the most important staples in magical practice. This necklace is a real consecrated, enchanted, and ready to use piece of active magical protection. This piece is great for beginners AND for experienced practitioners. For beginners, it adds the layer of protection that most novices are missing when they try dive into the magical realm (without this, they can cause a real ruckus).


For experienced practitioners, it is a versatile tool, and basically an athame on the go. It’s active and has been enchanted hours after Spring Equinox by ancient blacksmithing methods for psychic self-defense and protection. Every order comes with instructions on how to use this protection.


This dagger is a protective piece that will surely aid any practitioner in layering magical defense and ensuring the wielder’s ability to spiritually hold down energy and control it. It’s also great to have and wear to ensure safety, when doing conjure or working with spirits. Comes in Ancient Bronze (check other listing) or Silver, with choice of 16", or 20" Chain. There are also gemstone options for added energetic amplifications.


One-of-a-kind pieces you won't find ANYWHERE ELSE! Collaboratively designed, created, and casted by and

Silver Dagger of Protection