The Fifth Pentacle of Mercury is used to open all doors and is said that no closed door that it encoutners can resist nor defeat it. Used to remove obstacles and blockages in life. 


Comes traditionally consecrated, which is approx. 1 hour of bible recitations to ensure the most effective outcomes. The spirits of the pentacle are then contacted (and treated right) to agree and aid the owner of the pentacle in gaining whatever they desire. The pre-rituals I do to this pentacle and how I communicate with the spirits are done for the best results. These pentacles are not to be taken lightly, and should be in a good owner's hands. Spirits are bound and working, so be mindful. 


Each pentacle comes with instructions on activation for personal usage, how to recharge them, how to ask for specific outcomes, and other additional information. 



The Fifth Pentacle of Mercury

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