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Fight Club Rules

Interacting, purchasing, & joining anything from this site, the discord, and the community, means that you hereby, & automatically agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Occult Hours Community & website.  


0. Terms & Conditions: You automatically agree to all of the following terms & conditions upon interacting, participating, and purchasing from this website . I usually stick to a 1 strike rule, so don’t test it. 

Every person who joins is subject to evaluation through divination at any time. If I get the slightest signs of maliciousness, backhanded behavior, or ulterior motives, you will be denied, kicked, banned, and rejected without further/additional reason.

  1. By purchasing from this website, or interacting with this website; you agree to all conditions and terms of this website including to agreeing to all disclaimers.  

  2. By law we are required to say that we sell these products as Curios. We do not guarantee any results inferred by anything on this site. These items are curio or ornamental. By purchasing these products you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. This product is not meant to replace medical treatment or intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any type of disease.

  3. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  4. Please Note: The material on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Always consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

  5. Refunds or exchanges are not permitted, this is non negotiable. 

  6. Must be 18 years of age or older. All are welcome, thus this community must be safe and comfortable for all. 

    1. Friendly debate is fine and encouraged, but there will be no attacking or insulting. If the other party already seems unwilling, or things start to escalate - immediately stop responding. 

    2. Drama will result in permanent banning. If there is an issue then contact and show me directly. WE are all here to learn, including me, anybody who ruins the experience will unapologetically get booted. Any body who seems to be the source of drama will be immediately permabanned.

  7. Sharing anything (in any way, shape, or form) from this community, website, Discord, or from my courses, is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban (from my courses and this server) and further legal consequences. 

  8. No sexual, creepy, obsessive harassment to any members or inside the chat. No spamming nor excessive trolling. Permanent ban. If somebody is harassing you, immediately contact me at 

    1. Harm is strictly forbidden. Users being overtly too dangerous about magic or harming others with it will not only be immediately shut down, but will also reap what they sow. 

    2. No asking others to do spells for you, and same with publicly advertising to do spells for others unless it is discussed and approved with Admins. This group is for you to cultivate your own power. If you need help or are looking for services, contact me. Trying to go cheap isn’t going to fix your problems and you could very well end up causing more. Discussion for it is open, however if you allow someone to do a spell on/for you and it goes wrong, don’t expect me, nor others, to help you free.

  9. This is meant to be a place to foster public discussion, for people and members to help each other. Keep in mind, some will be practicing reading in here. Take everybody's pronouncements with a grain of salt and use discernment wisely. Consciously misleading people or sharing misinformation, lies, and bullshit will result in a warning, next a suspension, and next a permanent ban. 

    1. Medical Advice: Suggesting simple herbs or healing is fine, but for serious matters always CALL for professional medical help. Nothing in here should be taken as professional medical advice. Magic should be used in tandem with modern medicine/healing.

    2. NO SERIOUS ROLE PLAYING: Believing and bulldozing over others saying things like you are “the chosen one”, or you can turn into a fairy/wolf/vampire, or is the actual Harry Potter reincarnated, or anything else that seriously sounds like badly written fanfiction. Just GTFO. (This rule is flexible since some people are actually partly magical entities, however any delusional shit will result in a warning first, suspension second, and lastly a ban. We’re here for the truth. You better be able to back up some shit if you’re going to say it).

    3. But don't be a total asshole. People are allowed to disagree, be negative, & swear. Don't clutch your pearls every time someone says something you don't like. We are NOT the Cult of Positivity, or the Thought Police. If someone is being genuinely nasty, calling names, making threats, etc, then screenshot and email me.

  10. This community is not to be used for promotional purposes other than my own, any of such will result in immediate permanent banning. It is fine to promote your stuff when the chance arises (I am not against that), but if you're thirsting for sales, don’t bring that shit here. Don’t turn every convo into a sale tactic, this is my sanctum. Recruiting of any sort for your own agenda will also result in an immediate permanent ban.  

  11. The word and banhammer of the site admin is final and does not require explanation, along with our ability to mute and deafen any user. We have the right to refuse customers. No asking to be granted roles/moderator roles. No exploiting loopholes in the rules (please report to admins). Respect all Admins and Moderators, and try to keep that same respect with all of the members in the community; and we will do the same with all members. 

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