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Spellwork Services

For best results, I recommend first getting the Phoenix Cleanse & Road Opener Ritual to remove any possible interferences. 

Once you pay for my services,  email me with the same name and info used to pay,  and include information of the targets, most recent photos of the targets, and Whatsapp # for direct contact. Direct contact includes photo/video updates of your spell.

Spellwork Inquiries

Be sure to include the Full Names & Birthdays of any outside parties. Once this form is filled out, I'll be able custom tailor a strategy to your situation and  give you a proper price estimate.

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Road Opening Ritual

Feeling stuck? Looking for a house on a budget? Looking for a job, or for better opportunities? Remove all energetic and physical blockages that prevent you from immediately manifesting your desired reality. Become unstoppable in attaining your goals and receiving the opportunities that you've always wanted to have. 

Hex Breaking Ritual

Removes black magic, hexes, curses, & jinxes. Most practitioner's actually fail to do this utmost important ritual effectively (I learned the hard way). Thoroughly remove & reverse all magical afflictions back to it's source, liberate yourself today.

 To properly remove a hex, it needs to be removed from the root, the potency of what is needed must be discussed. Email me.

Love, Attraction, & Loyalty Ritual

Easily attracts a lot of new prospects & attention. Reignites the flame of passion in flings & existing relationships. Develops intense intimacy and passion. Is also used to keep flighty lovers stuck and planted at home. Email me what you specifically need since this option is technically 3 different spells to choose from in regards to love. Breakup Ritual must be purchased FIRST if there's a 3rd party. 

Court Case Rituals

This work is very serious as it is MULTIPLE rituals done throughout the case (for multiple months) to ensure success. I don't take being in control of people's fate lightly. Court case spells require a lot of maintenance as cases develop, requiring lots of adjustments, and updates along the way. It's a lot of work and maintenance, but I stick by you through all of it and do a great job at destroying the other persecuting team's presentation, while boosting my client's success in court.

Psychic Enhancement Ritual

Induces vivid dreams, visions, and foresight. Heightens intuition, which also serves for accurate divination. This working BLOWS OPEN your third eye and crown chakra, immensely amplifying your imagination, enhancing your ability to communicate and connect with spirit. All the people who have purchased this ritual report insanely vivid dreams the very same night I perform it. To help you grow as a spiritual worker, this spell is the one for you! 

Goodluck Ritual

One of my specialties is showing others how fortunate and luckily life can be.  A lot of us continue to live life thinking that things are so unfortunate that we just expect the worst. Well, my magic has proven otherwise time and time again. Luck is real, and you can change yours to attract positivity. It truly is a gift in itself to experience luck after so long of expecting things to just go wrong. A beautiful ritual for all types. 

Fast Cash Ritual

Noticeably increases income, aids in securing job interviews, and ensures consistency. Boosts sales and traffic to your work. Amazing for freelancers or those with multiple different streams of income.

Crown of Success Ritual

Ensures the target's triumphant success in whatever situation or circumstance that they desire. Boosts businesses, sales, and is even used for popularity! Conquer every situation with spell, whether that's acing a job interview or a test. This spell ensures victory.

Tragic Destruction & Failure Hex

Absolute misery & despair closing in on the victim. Failure, ruin, & tragic turmoil plagues every area of their life, especially wherever the client chooses. Feel free to add whatever you'd like the victim's experience. This spell is not a joke, and the wording is very much underplaying the serious damage of what this  causes. Must explain situation after purchase or else I will refund. This Ritual is not a game & I refuse to help those use this for undignified requests.

Domination Ritual

Dominate a Target's mind, heart, spirit, soul, and body to do what you tell them to, to say what you want them to, and to do what you want them to do. This spell makes someone actually listen to your commands and submit to your will. I will need exact details on what you are looking to achieve and how stubborn the target is so that I know my plan of action.

STFU Ritual

Learn what it's like to have peace and quiet. This stops the victim from speaking about you or your name while preventing others from provoking it. This influences them to do so with pain, among many other things. This spell is dangerously serious once you past the $100 tier. I also incorporate elements that ensure that they grow fonder of the idea of forgetting about you and moving on. For stubborn targets and stalkers, I recommend the $440 tier to end it all. 

Custom Tailored Spells

We will privately discuss your needs and desires in order for me to custom tailor a spell, or a group of spells to get your desired outcome.  I will give you a price estimate at the end. 

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