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Online Classes

A list of video courses I offer to help you learn how to use and work with magic to get results.

Foundations of Magic

A safe and reliable way for the seeker of truth to quickly learn natural magic and gain priceless wisdom. FOM provides foundational lessons in magic that give every seeker the tools to grow to unfathomable heights. These lessons are designed to give "novices" a huge advantage in the metaphysical field and to quickly propel them through years of trial and error (and self doubt).

The contents in this class will be used and applied throughout the rest of your magical career. It's very fluid towards other paths and traditions and with the FOM course you can easily excel working in other traditions of magic. With FOM, you'll easily be deciphering other traditions and practices, while innovating magical rituals and spells.

FOM students will have the tools necessary to discern  magical information with caution, and will know what harbors the best results.

Videos are still being uploaded so it's being offered at a discounted rate of $350 instead of $700.

Purchase HERE for $350 (prices going up November 2023)

Over 6 hours of video content & still counting. 

The text sections are PACKED with spells, teachings, & secret information!!!

FOM COMPLETE.pptx (5).jpg

Candle Magic Masterclass - 2024

As many of you know, I love candle magic and consider it to be one of the easiest ways to manifest results for quite literally anything!

Candle Magic can be used for any purpose that you need in witchcraft, from attracting wealth, to dominating others, all the way to healing, and breaking hexes - there is nothing more versatile in magic than a CANDLE!

With these classes you'll be learning a variety of trusted spells for a variety of situations, surefire techniques, and how to do your own effective candle magic.

These classes will make any beginner manifest advanced results, that people study, practice, and wait YEARS to learn.

I'll be teaching some of my own recipes and spells that are NEVER BEFORE SEEN!

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