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Candle Magic

As many of you know, I love candle magic and consider it to be one of the easiest ways to manifest results for quite literally anything!

Candle Magic can be used for any purpose that you need in witchcraft, from attracting wealth, to dominating others, all the way to healing, and breaking hexes - there is nothing more versatile in magic than a CANDLE!

With these classes you'll be learning a variety of trusted spells for a variety of situations, surefire techniques, and how to do your own effective candle magic.

These classes will make any beginner manifest advanced results, that people study, practice, and wait YEARS to learn.

I'll be teaching some of my own recipes and spells that are NEVER BEFORE SEEN!

Coming Later

Vision Questing

Many of you consider what I call "Vision Questing" as Astral Projection. The words "Astral Projection" seem to limit what people think is actually possible with this ability. Through modernization of ancient magical practices, modern Astral Projection teachings lack basic understandings of the realm and even the gift. Astral Projection can turn into traversing the other realms besides our physical one.

To be clear, this is NOT an Astral Projection class. This is a Vision Questing class, with techniques from old shamanistic practices and ancient methods of traversing astrals.

Contrary to popular teachings, this class will NOT ONLY teach you how to properly traverse the realms, but how to gain information, while meeting deities, ancestors, and people that guide us from above.

If you've always wanted to know what Gods, Spirits, and Animals work with you everyday, this is the class to find out!

This class is essential for those who are looking to get serious in their craft, for vision quests are of the most essential to progress into the most powerful of practitioners.

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