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Foundations of Magic

For the seeker of truth to learn effective natural magic and gain priceless wisdom. These lessons are designed to give people a huge advantage in the metaphysical field by giving them solid framework and techniques seen across countless traditions, this is everything I wish I had when starting so I could've propelled through years of trial and error. By the end of taking this course, you will be a self sufficient magical practitioner and a force to be reckoned with.

Foundations of Magic

The contents of this class will be used and applied throughout the rest of your magical career. With FOM, you'll quickly be deciphering other traditions and practices, while innovating magical rituals and spells for yourself. Get ready to also learn effective spells, rituals, and techniques that will seriously start positively enhancing your life and manifesting your dream life!

In this course you will learn:

* The Gift of Awareness & Sight

* How to Use & Make Tools

* Working with/Making Altars

* Casting Circle

* Chakra & Energy Work

* Healing with Magic & Energy

* Meditation & Astral Projection

* Navigation of Astral Realms

* Basic Cleansing & Protection

* Secret Basics to Effective Magic

* Candle Spells, Crystal Magic, Tarot Spells,

* Spirits, Ancestors, & Familiars

* The List is Still Growing

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