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Regardless of how casual the interaction, it’s widely understood that sex creates energetic ties and is a serious exchange of energy. Intimately opening up with another person, can open us up to sharing their blockages, negative energies, and bad luck. Different cultures claim that we continue to hold onto the energies of our sexual interactions for 7 years!!! Many people have come to me because they want to get rid of all of the energetic ties with people they've been intimate with in the past. 


This cleanse is at minimum 3 days long (up to 5) and will not only generally cleanse you, but also cleanse any energies you may have picked up from ANY of your sexual interactions. This cuts the cords from those precious encounters and helps you reclaim all of your energy and blessings.  


In many ways this cleanse is simliar to a cord cutting because it's an energetic shedding of the past, by removing old memories, unecessary emotions, and unecessary thoughts in regards to these past people and connections. I have had many people come to me to try and help them energetically from having entanglements with too many sex workers, hookers, or exes that are just preying on their downfall. 


Many people claim to feel a weight off their shoulders from my Phoenix Cleanse, which is included with this service. Sometimes the cleanse is all people need, but if it's not fully addressed it can be like cleaning your car halfway and leaving some of the dirt still on the car - it's just going to need a cleaning again in a matter of time anyways. To read more about the effects of this cleanse, be sure to read the description for 


This Sexual Cleanse is for those that have more serious issues from sexual energetic entanglement. Some people end up living the nightmares and negativity of their sexual partners - even long after they've cut contact with that partner. Deeper ties and connections are randomly established with different partners. 


To be fair, most people only need the Phoenix Cleanse when it comes to this issue, so I'll link it again since I'm sure the majority of you would rather do that and usually don't need something this intensive.


Inquire about the cleanse today and reclaim your energy back!

Energetic Sexual Cleanse

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