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A spellcrafted Brown Sugar SCENTED Money Spell Candle. This is meant for inconspicuous and casual magical use. Infused with Brown Sugar fragrance, pyrite, copper, oils, herbs, and POWERFUL money magic. Many of my other candles are not made with scents in mind but rather magic in mind, this candle however has both! Made with a cedar wood wick for added prosperous energy. This is a favorite scent among my friends and family because of it’s delightful warm and addictingly sweet aroma (they also love getting money!).


It’s just like the other money candles on my website, except it’s meant to attract business, wealth, and abundance in whatever space it’s burnt in; and whoever is exposed or living in those spaces will also reap the energetic benefits of this spell. This candle will bring A LOT of good fortune, goodluck, wealth, job opportunities, money, clients, and business. This candle truly makes a difference that positively and financially affects everyone in the home that it's burnt in. This candle lasts for about 24-50 Hours if left burning, but it's affects continue to manifest.


For the magic to directly focus towards you; carve your full name into the candle before burning. If you have any specific intentions, write them specfically on a piece of paper and set it under the candle everytime you burn it.


Burning regular scented candles tend to have dull energies that can actually invite other random energies into the home. All Scented GP22 Candles come with potent and concentrated fragrances to provide a pleasant aroma, while giving you full enjoyment that comes with the added magical benefits. Unlike regular spell candles, GP22 Scented Candles are "start and stop," which eliminates the need to wait until a spell candle is fully burned out! Start and stop this candle whenever you please without worrying about "pausing" or "interfering" with the spell!

These candles are made with soy and coconut wax to ensure a potent, and happy, scented candle experience. 16oz Container.

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