If you've heard of my cleansings and healings, this is exactly the same product. This is a basic cleanse that gets rid of negativity, minor hexes, blockages, confusion - whatever it is, YOU NAME IT! All cleansing clients will be immediately notified the moment their cleanse is complete, it's most noticeable after a full night's rest. Some updates will come with analysis if I see it's necessary. Be aware that if the client has accumulated years and years worth of serious negativity, this cleanse will be very purging, and the client will need a full night's rest and to drink a lot of water. 


Be sure to follow the Instructions after purchase.


What the Cleanse Does: 

Cleanse & Purify - Phenomenal in healing those dealing with illnesses, sickness, discomfort, pain, etc. IT's always best to leave me specifics. This basic cleanse gets rid of cold and fevers in miraculous timing (it's THAT effective). Removes all negative energies, worries, doubts, fears, anxieties, and unecessary emotions/feelings/etc. Reverses all evil eye, and negatively directed energies, or hexes sent towards the client. The negativity others bring or plot towards the client will immediately be reversed (it's typically noticeable who was plotting against the client because you'll see the reversal effect enemy within days). 

Revitalize - Rejuvenating the mind, body, and soul. Refreshing the client's persepective on life, adding relief. Immensely increasing levels of energy, productivity, inspiration, motivation, and drive. 

Removing Blocks - If you wonder why my magic works FAST, it's because I focus a lot on removing blockages. This in particular will help you easily manifest desired outcomes and remove feeling "stuck" in the desired areas.

Promoting Clarity of the Mind - Most of my clients wake up feeling immediate differences in their mental state and notice a shift in their focus. This is the perfect working for those who can't seem to "think straight" and are constantly distracted. This assists the client in getting back on track with their goals and focusing on fulfilling them. 

Luck & Success: Luck and success boosters are always incorporated to ensure the user gets the full experience of the cleansing. Often times a plain cleansing leaves a blank and open slate (to mess up again), so I like to fill in the empty spaces with happiness, luck, and positivity.


Premium Add-Ons:

Money & Crown of Success Booster: Welcome in abundant opportunities for your wallets, pockets, and bank accounts, to grow with money! Many have reported serious feedback of making money after this ritual was done. Aids the client in appearing and being equipped to attract the most victory and success.  Exceptionally great for freelancers, businessmen/salesmen, and people who do commission work.

Psychic Enhancement: Enhancing intuition, and promoting vivid dreams. 98% of people I've done this too have very vivid dreams the same night. This is great for spiritual workers as it also promotes accurate intuition in divination, channeling, and scrying. Great for those who do vision work and spirit communication as well. Overall amazing for all psychic enhancement, clairvoyance, and vision purposes.

Minor Hex Breaking: Breaks most hexes, curses, and jinxes most are capable of doing. Also reverses all negativity/spells back to it's source. As thorough as this cleanse is, it's not what's used to properly handle black magic, hidden hexes, and various other spells. So be aware that this add-on could lead to needing follow up work depending on what I see.

Stablizing Mental Health: For those who are suicidal, depressed, or going through a rough time. This not only stabilizes mental health, but promotes the client in wanting it for themseleves as well. Works to calm and ground the client so that they can focus and appreciate what matters in life, seeking to want better and to want to do better for themselves.

Custom Health: For those that need extra attention on certain areas regarding health. Please ensure to provide more information on which health issue needs to be focused on within the required email. Be aware that health is a tricky subject and this could lead to advice or other custom follow up work. 

Attraction: Spice up your love life, get hit on a week, walk around turning heads with your charm and attraction. Works quick - many girls have told me their exes popped back up after this. 

Full Treatment: Includes everything except for Custom Health.


Phoenix Cleanse

  • Once purchased, email OccultHours@gmail.com

    Answer and Attach the following into the email:

    1. Full Name, Full Birthdate, and most Recent Selfie

    2. Main areas you want me to focus on. What area needs to be cleansed? Why do you need a cleanse? How do you/client feel?

    3. Any specific information you find is necessary in order for me to properly cleanse you.

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