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All of the customers who've tried this ritual have said they've felt it the moment it get's lit and experience dreams the same night. Dressed and oiled with the proper herbs to Open the Crown & Third Eye Chakra for recieving knowledge, visions, vivid dreams, and enhanced intuition. Let the truth unravel before your eyes. See the truth in situations & people. Receive divine wisdom, downloads, and guidance. Helps with astral travel and amplifying psychic awareness. Improves the accuracy of all divination. 


Connect to Source and Truth. Makes you receptive to messages and signs, as well as giving you the intuition to decode them. This highly amplifies ones intuition and clients often report being able to feel when someone is thinking of them (and receiving a text within seconds) and are also able to better read others intentions among many other things.


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Information you need to send upon purchase:

  • First & Last name used to place the order
  • Phone #
  • BOTH Target’s Full Name & Birthday (MM/DD/YY)
  • Background Story/Details (to optimize spell formulation to best reach desired results)
  • The MOST recent selfie or photo of the target (May be sent to Email or WhatsApp)

Psychic Enhancement Ritual

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    Refunds or exchanges are not permitted, this is non negotiable. 

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