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Introduction to Sex Magic

As many of you already know, where YOUR ATTENTION GOES, ENERGY FLOWS. Awhile back, I came across many opinions about sex & tantric magic being the easiest & most potent way of using magic to achieve your desired reality. I would like to concur, although it is definitely not my preferred method.

For those already familiar with Neville Goddard's methods - perfect! Having practiced Neville Goddard's methods will make all of this a lot easier for you to get the hang of. I want to make it clear that I had not studied nor learned about Neville Goddard til this past year in 2022, but I have known this Basic Sex Magic Method for the past 7-8 years. Referencing Neville Goddard's method helps save me the trouble of having to explain everything when someone else has already done it better than me.

Let's get started:

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO MANIFEST BEFORE YOU DO ANY MAGIC. Set a clear outline of it. You have to be able to close your eyes and IMAGINE your desired end result. You also have to FEEL how it would feel to have the desired end result. How would you feel if you had your desired result? How would your attitude be? Can you visualize it?

With your imagination, incorporate the 5 senses into your sensory visual: see, smell, taste, hear, touch.

Example for money: how would it feel to hold a huge stack of cash (touch), visualize endless stacks (see), recall the smell of cash, hear the sound of it shuffling. For taste, you can visualize the meal you'd have if you had all of that money.

Now we're going to hope the manifestation and visualization is clearly painted in your imagination and committed to memory. If you have issues doing this, you can try your best. Just make sure that you do not perform this unless you are able to hold this visual and sensations. This is important because you’re going to have to recall and hold it while having an orgasm.

The catch? Many people find it hard to hold and still stay in sync with their partner. The climax should be led and built up with the thoughts and feelings that lead you up to the memory-committed visual. For already practicing magicians, you can incorporate sigils around the bedroom for this; for those unfamiliar with working with sigils, you can hang moodboards and keywords around the room.

You don’t need a partner to do this, but if you’re having sex with someone, the magic will be amplified if both people are energetically in sync, energetically clean, & MAINLY, if both parties are focused on the SAME goal, the SAME sensory visuals, & finish at the SAME time.

This is the basic set up for most different types of sex magic. Not all of them require an orgasm, but it IS recommended at SOME point once there’s been enough retaining. Too much ejaculation can be bad because it is constantly depleting what some would consider "life force" energy but not enough ejaculation can also drive someone insane. There needs to be a balance and that is all different depending on different people and the state of your health.

Occultists, like Austin Osman Spare, liked to jizz on countless vases with sigils on them for his magic but we can agree that he didn't exactly live the best life, and his work was quite dark. Occultists like to joke about him cumming on basically everything and anything that he could, which obviously is very excessive lol.

SEX MAGIC TLDR; Have a very specific visualization of your desired goal/reality held in your mind while having an orgasm to release potent energy and direct it towards that desired goal. There’s many different combos of this to amplify achieving desired results.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to perform sex magic, there are several factors to take into consideration

- Different positions harbor different results

- Energetic Compatibility and Harmony is important

- Chemistry is important (needs a *spark*)

- Where you cum for different results

I won't be getting into those factors in this blog because it would turn into a book and I would be up for another few days straight. I hope you enjoyed! Don't go jizzing all over everything.

- OH

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