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S-Exercise to Synchronize with Your Partner

It's not everyday that you find someone you'd want to actually date who is simultaneously also down to do sex magic, but in the case that you do end up finding someone, this blog post is for you - Our champions lol.

Make sure to read Introduction to Sex Magic before the next sentence just drops you into heavy waters without the much needed context.

Prior to doing any sex magic, you want to first synchronize with each other so that you can create this powerful energetic pull for what you're trying to manifest. When point of orgasm is reached, it will create a point of attraction for that brief moment, and THAT is when you should already have your desired manifestation clearly visualized and held in your mind. Orgasms are powerful and tend to open up ALL of your chakras, creating an extraordinary electromagnetic field that can be used for MAGIC. When sex magic is properly performed, both people will walk away still energetically attracting whatever they tried to manifest. It's like when people just glow different after having some amazing sex - because good sex will literally shift your energy.

When choosing partners it's important to pay attention to 2 things: chemistry and energetic harmony with one another.

1. You can be energetically synchronized with someone and not really have any chemistry with them. In this case, it's actually fine to perform sex magic with one another but it would just be missing some extra energy that can really be used to shift reality.

2. You can have chemistry with someone but lack any ability to energetically synchronize with them. When this is the situation, it's highly advised to not just avoid having sex magic with them, but to avoid having sex with them all together. This can cause more harm than good - even if it's just "casual" sex.

To further expound on #2, it is really important to have energetic compatibility - NOT JUST GOOD CHEMISTRY. Fatal Attraction is quite real and it's mostly energetic. From what I've learned with Chinese Astrology, I've seen a lot of real life examples of what happens when enemy signs have sex with one another to suddenly find themselves running into a string of bad luck.

Besides energetic compatibility, it's not uncommon to come across someone who is just overall really bad energy. The kind of bad person that just distributes badluck and misfortune to anyone that has sexual interactions with them (My friend's like to call that phenomena Cursed P*ssY and Bad Luck Chucks - Tweet ur stories @ me, I wanna hear em). Luckily there is a way to cleanse that energy, which is why I just started offering Energetic Sexual Cleanses here.

Magic is MAGNETIC. You want to manifest something? Then create an ATTRACTION for it. Luckily, when there’s already an existing ATTRACTION already existing between 2 people, sex can and will turn you both into a giant magnet. The energetics behind this look like the photo attached below.

To Begin the Synchronized S-Exercise:

Get into a positive mental and emotional space with your partner. it's important for both of you feel comfortable with what you're doing and VERY comfortable with each other's bodies. If someone isn't comfortable, you both will be finding out really fast. The point of syncing up first is to create the magnet and energetic generator to fuel your manifestation and to also ensure that there is no doubt or insecurities in mind when either of you climax. If you have any doubt, shame, or negativity in mind, that too, will have a chance of manifesting; this is why Neville Goddard's method and Law of Assumption is so important to know here. You want to feel completely certain and be completely uninhibited when climaxing, like anything and everything is possible.

I think I've explained enough of the obvious, so let's talk about the s-exercise. To synchronize, it's recommended for one person to be inside the other and both facing each other; both being as close to one another as possible. When writing this, I figured that it was important for both people to be sitting up cross legged, facing each other in lotus position; which is great for energetic reasons, but it's not necessary. The alternative would be for both people to face each other but for one person to be on their back and the other on top.

Intimacy can be a bit scary, but that's because it's getting to know someone on a soul-bonding level, going past the fleshsuit - which is what we want to achieve here. Once both of you are sitting on each other in lotus position and someone is inside of someone else; start with both of you separately taking slow deep breaths, while touching each others and getting to know the landscape of each other's bodies. Once you do that for a few seconds, you need to sync up breathing.

WARNING: PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS EXERCISE BECAUSE SOMEONE CAN PASS OUT. Both of you are going to get really close to one another and Person A is going to put their lips next to Person B's lips and breathe into Person B's mouth. Person B is going to inhale the breath of Person A and then exhale into Person A's mouth, where Person A will then inhale Person B's breath and repeat. Repeat this for only 3 breathing cycles at a time, because it's possible for someone to faint from lack of oxygen. The main point is to get into RHYTHM with one another, energetically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. In between breathing sessions, you can start to stare into each other's eyes. After the breathing exercise between you both is done, you should begin staring at one another for a few minutes and do NOT break eye contact. Both of you can now sync up your breathing whilst doing so (if you guys are having sex, keep it very slow and rhythmic).

By now I'm hoping that both of you had touched almost every inch of each others bodies, eyes are locked, and both of you are emotionally on the same page - because now the fun part of sex magic can begin. Before moving forward, this should be the point where you both should feel very in sync, comfortable, and intimate with one another, if you don't - then you can revisit any of the techniques in the previous paragraph until it feels right.

This S-exercise is DONE! You are now free to do whatever position you desire, although, I recommend finishing in the same position I spoke about in this exercise where you are both face to face. Make sure that both parties still have the same goal in mind and that both are consistently building up to the end-goal visual. This is where a lot of people say it's hard to focus and will sometimes only paint the picture moments before they climax, however, It's a lot more powerful to build up the desired manifestation as you both also build up to the climax. Even if you and your partner decide not to do sex magic (or accidentally got lost in the moment), this exercise should open both of your chakras up enough to cause a positive shift and remove SOME stagnation from your energetic system.

I might do ONE more post on SEX MAGIC while we're still in Scorpio season so let me know what you guys want to see!

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