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Cursed TV Shows Episode 2: Power Rangers

Cursed TV Shows Episode 2, hopefully you know what we're about to get into, but I want to always note that all of this is speculation based on my own experiences and mentors, the truth is sometimes even crazier - sometimes not.

If you haven't already read my Blog Post on Energetic Sacrifices and how they work, this will prime you with the mechanics - click here.

The Power Rangers franchise is a long-running and highly popular media series that encompasses television shows, movies, toys, and various merchandise. It originated in Japan with a TV series called "Super Sentai," featuring a team of heroes in colorful costumes who fight evil forces. In the early 1990s, American producers adapted "Super Sentai" into "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," launching the franchise's international success.

Let's talk about the FIRST victim of this curse and why it immediately sounded my alarms.

Thuy Tran, she was only 27 when her and her friends swerved off of a California highway and onto the rocks, leading to her untimely death. Trini's costar Angela Rockwood was also in the car and is a quadriplegic. Gruesome and strange, however it was not the first death, and certainly not the last, I found it weird that this happened not too long after she decided to leave the show. She is considered one of the first deaths, but there were crew members that had passed prior.

Thuy Tran (Trini Yellow Ranger) & Tommy Oliver (Green Ranger)

Tommy Oliver is the Green Ranger and has recently passed in 2022, the reasons are kept private and unknown, however it is speculated to be a suicide.

Another death that followed was the death of Maurice Mendoza, he was supposed to be Thuy Tran's love interest in the show, but ending up leaving in 1994. This was the only show he had ever been on and he died of mysterious causes at 39. Many of these deaths were undisclosed or ruled mysterious cause.

Maurice Mendoza

Richard Rabago is another one that died of an unspecified mysterious illness/disease at the age of 68; he was in only ONE episode titled "Plague of the Mantis."

Alissa Ann (Smego) Bigelow played Shawna in the 1994 episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers entitled: Forever Friends... Which is a bit eerie. She apparently was found in the back of her apartment of an alleged suicide, however she was just about to start managing a new Yoga studio so it seems a bit odd that she would commit suicide. The exact nature of Alissa’s mental illness is not publicly known, but it is speculated that she may have had bipolar disorder or schizophrenia - which we all know can be an affliction of severe spiritual afflictions. She seemed to only have these issues after leaving the show, and I think its worth paying attention to the fact that there was no letter left by her, and was also shocking to many of her close relatives and friends.

Another notable death, is Richard Genelle's : His final scene was shot in Corona, California, In his final scene as Ernie, he's seen to be having a light heart attack or panic as the cameras cut away from him and towards the Power Rangers as they take on “Turbo Form." Exactly 10 years later Richard dies in CORONA CALIFORNIA of a HEART ATTACK.

Richard Genelle

This one is remarkable, Ricardo Medina, who played the Red Lion Wild Force Ranger, in the show Power Rangers Wild Force and returned to the franchise as part of Power Rangers Super Samurai, actually ended up being charged with murder because he killed his roomate with a samurai sword. Prosecutors said Medina had argued with his roommate, 36-year-old Josh Sutter, over Medina’s girlfriend on Jan. 31, 2015, in their Los Angeles County home. They said when the argument became physical, Medina stabbed Sutter multiple times with a sword. Friedman confirmed the weapon was a “large” double-edged sword, but said Medina used it for self-defense. His defense team argued that after he and Sutter had become physical in another part of the home, the actor locked himself and his girlfriend in his bedroom to get away from Sutter. The weird thing, is that if Medina had truly meant to kill Sutter, he probably wouldn't have immediately called the cops directly after - he said he had done that after Sutter broke into their bedroom. Ricardo Medina was released from jail sooner than expected and some articles even say that the judge dismissed his case - which if true, would mean that he acted out in self defense.

Ricardo Medina

Skylar Deleon is another actor on the show that was convicted guilty of multiple accounts of murder, this guy was pure evil and admitted to multiple murders - not alleged whatsoever. He would pretend to be certain people and then do very cruel things. I would post a photo of him but I don't want people to see his eyes - he definitely looks possessed. You'd think it's just straight to the gallows with him, but apparently he is still on Death Row; and after having this post drafted for a long time, It's finally time I finish this up instead of do any more research.

Many other cast and crew members passed away from cancer, suicide, and mysterious causes. Here is a list with over 20 deaths within the Power Rangers Television franchises.

Jason David Frank Robert L Manahan Eric Frank Thuy Trang Jack Banning Bob Papenbrook Machiko Soga Edward Albert Richard Grant Richard Genelle Frank Salsedo Peta Rutter Richard Sabago Maurice Mendoza Alissa Ann Smego Jon Simanton Pua Magasiva Alistair Browning Cody Slaton Robert Axelrod

Skylar Deleon

It's worth noting that Valerie Anne Vernon played Kendrix Morgan, on The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. While working on the show, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. It's believed that she may have known about this curse because she quit the show, distanced herself fully, and made a full recovery.

I am definitely inclined to believe that there is a dangerous entity attached to the franchise and television series that may have been contracted by one of the originating members in the first television series. This is also a show about fighting evil which may have possibly welcomed such energies into their lives. I can only speculate, and I will not take the time out of my day to rewatch every episode to look for every hint, but hopefully some of you guys will be able to point some interesting things out. Please don't crucify me for my opinion, but I'd assume it could've originated from Thuy Tran, who migrated to America and wanted a nice job as an actress - she was quickly gaining popularity and fame. She LEFT the show (along with 3 other costars) because they had issues with the contract and pay. This is all a bit coincidental considering the main issues might be that Thuy Tran breeched her side of the contract (work for Power Rangers) by leaving, thus was immediately punished for it, along with her love interest in the show who also left (Maurice Mendoza), and her friend left Quadriplegic from the accident. Another actor that was closed with Thuy, Tommy Oliver, recently died of unnamed/mysterious causes. The one main connecting point seems to start with Thuy Tran and as of 2022, still leads back to her because of Tommy's death. It's also very possible that it was someone else in the original cast who had made a deal with a demon, however, the pact makers tend to die amidst the chaos FIRST and then innocent people are typically dragged in.

Curses and messed up demonic pacts can manifest as neverending torment and suffering which can come off as schizophrenia to others and may even manifest as severe bipolar disorder. This is rare, but some deaths and suicides may also be driven by entities causing the person to go mad by endlessly taunting them, keeping them awake, and talking in their ear; never letting them rest. This can cause many people to seek drugs and ways of drowning out these "voices" to just see another day. IF there truly is a pact/curse; my heart truly goes out to them (but not too far cuz I don't want any of that).

Again, by no means am I one to say that all deaths are a conspiracy - but you've got to be kidding me?! TWENTY DEATHS, if they EVER revive the show I'd be curious to see if this continues, because I would have more answers.

Let me know what you think and if you find anything interesting!


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