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The Energetic Aspects of Sacrificing for Gain

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

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Aztec Ritual Sacrifice

Let’s address the white elephant in the room. Ritual sacrifice.

There are many different types of “sacrifices.” Some specifically being to please the gods, some being to maintain order (Donnie Darko), but the most controversial one is for unbridled GAIN.

Ritual Sacrifice to appease the Gods is actually quite simple to understand so let’s get that out of the way so we can talk about sacrifice for Unbridled GAIN. Everybody already knows “To get something, you must sacrifice something of equal value” or “to get something really good, you have to do something equally bad.” Typically it’s some misleading insinuation about balance, which is true, but let’s go into the specificity of it.

Aztec culture is commonly known for their sacrificial practices. To the Aztecs the body was something sacred. It didnt belong to man but belonged to the gods. The Aztecs saw the Spaniard soldiers as cruel and, Spaniards saw Aztecs as cruel. Aztecs fought to give sacrifices to the gods. Spaniards fought to just kill and the Aztecs saw that as a waste. Aztecs would Sacrifice all of their captured enemies as well as sacrificing the losing team in sports. The losing team was taught that it was honorable to be sacrificed to the gods. The Aztecs also made sacrifices to do what they believed would sustain the natural order of life. They would sacrifice 50 birds every morning, and occasionally sacrifice a human, believing that the Gods would punish them if they didn’t. They believed that ending a life is to continue sustaining it around us. DEATH FOR LIFE, the natural balance.

Many sacrifices are still made ”in“ society today, BUT are often covered up to look like unplanned tragedies and NO, we are NOT going to get into that today lol.

(From Pinterest)

That was easy, now let’s get to the sacrifice that ya’ll like to think about, the one for UNBRIDLED GAIN!

Before I begin, know that sacrifice doesn’t always have to be killing something, nor is it always that. Sacrifices, big and small, are made by us everyday, through different transactions. The most obvious sacrifice being our time in exchange for money.

Let’s expound on that example: Time is something invisible; there have been long debates on whether it is real, relative, or man made - yet EVERYDAY, all of us sacrifice whatever of that invisible “thing” (time) is, just to get (physical) money. On the flip side, we also use (physical) cash to buy us (invisible) time. Cash is basically a physical representation of tracked energy.

Our reality is very fluid in the sense that it is a bunch of constant moving energies, all comprised of electrical and magnetic CURRENTS. Currents being associated with water and wind because of it’s fluidity. Our hearts, bodies, organs, plants, nature; all of the living and non-living things have their own electromagnetic fields.

Think of this reality as a huge electromagnetic field, a convection current if we must, or in easier terms: a closed ecosystem of positive and negative charges/currents that are just going with the flow. Reality is a very well-lubed machine with the perfect natural balance of self sustaining ebb and flow. Let’s get back to this in a second. Remember this too: MAGIC is MAG-net-IC

YES - WE ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT SACRIFICE, so let’s bring up the cult classic movie: DONNIE DARKO

In Donnie Darko, had Donnie not been convinced or led by Frank to sacrifice himself - everyone would have DIED in the Primary Universe. In Donnie Darko, there’s this scene that is often heavily speculated where he sees an energy beam shoot out of him ( ).

In short, this beam, or “thread” of energy is thought to be his path of “life” (or multiple lives) and “the current” that he is supposed to follow in order to save the world. It is said in Greek myths that the “threads” of fate are what pull us towards our “destiny,” it’s what dictates our lives. Ever hear the metaphor about fate pulling us towards our destinies? Since we’re made up of electrical currents and magnetic fields, we are all being magnetically (magically) pulled around in this universe by invisible threads, fields, charges, and currents. Easy, right?

Ok, so NOW that all of this is out of the way, we can finally get into deeper discussion.

We all have an invisible connection and “current” between us and everyone in our lives, this connection becomes a closed feedback loop as we continue to interact with them. Note that some currents are MUCH stronger than others. Our lives are comprised of multiple currents/connections, and exchanges/transactions of energies between people. When we get into daily routines, we tend to hold and keep energetic space for all of these people, activities, hobbies, and things. When anything is removed from this routine, our electromagnetic field/ecosystem can get thrown off, especially if the change is sudden, THEN the self sustaining ecosystem typically begins to immediately self adjust.

Donnie‘s existence in the Primary Universe would’ve been a force (flux) that causes everyone else to die, had he not sacrificed himself. It was his life in exchange for many others.

Now let’s talk about what is happening energetically when a sacrifice is made:

Ampere Maxwell’s law (for electrical engineering) says that you can create a new magnetic field through changing an electric FLUX. OH, so instead of making a sacrifice, why can’t I just change up routines? Well, that definitely works, and can even be considered making a smaller sacrifice, however, the whole idea of sacrificing for unbridled gain is for QUICKLY achieving POWERFUL results by creating a HUGE vacuum in the energetic current which is caused by an electric flux (known as a deduction current) which leads to the creation of a magnetic field.


I wrote out one of the theories on how to create a magnetic field through a vacuum-like effect which can only be triggered by a change in the electric flux 😂

Simply changing a routine (altering the current) does NOT always create that HUGE vacuum-like effect UNLESS you are sacrificing something big. In other words, it can take longer to achieve results and requires constant energy to be inputted, HOWEVER, making the proper energetic sacrifice creates the proper vacuum effect through causing enough of a shift in the electrical current, which will not only create a magnetic field that will immediately absorb energies to fill the vacuum void, but it can also create and strengthen energetic currents within. Some ”energetic currents” being: money flow, happiness, positivity, goodluck, health, etc.

Think of how Donnie Darko was following that specific thread of fate, now think about how one could alter that "current" (or destiny) by triggering a HUGE electrical flux in the current, which leads to creation of a NEW magnetic field that pulls you towards a different destiny.

Another good example, is when people play safe and get scrutiny for slow steady growth, whilst the people who take nail-biting risks tend to get bigger, more immediate, pay offs. These risk takers tend to create a huge void in their lives that naturally require a different energetic substitution. You hear on Shark Tank all the time, Daymond always talking about how he refinanced his mom's home and how big of a risk that was.

DO NOT go taking big risks because of my blog post. Triggering the energetic “vacuum-like effect” is very delicate and must be properly sustained, otherwise it just crumbles and instead - the energetic ecosystem shrinks and constricts, which would put the person in a lower or shittier position than they were prior to the sacrifice. It would be like gambling a house and car and then losing it, and not having the energy, time, or resources to rebuild or buy another.

Making a sacrifice is changing certain electrical fluxes in your life, and I know damn well most of us aren’t electrical engineers, so don’t go trying to do this.

Sacrifice for gain ISN’T taking a risk, but rather inducing a calculated energetic substitution. In a way, it’s a tipping of scales which evokes Newton’s third law: “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Why do the sacrifices for fame, riches, or big gain always have to be loved ones or something that means a lot? Well first off, sacrifices have to actually be something of value, otherwise it couldn’t shake you enough energetically to create a change in electrical flux, right? Just because something costs a lot, or is worth a lot in the physical - doesn’t actually mean it’s valuable to you. What I mean is like the story of Cain and Abel.

Abel sacrificed a Goat and was rewarded. Cain sacrificed a Goat and got nothing… He received nothing, due to the fact that the Goat didn’t mean much to Cain. What meant a lot to Cain, was his own brother, Abel. And we should all know the story of where Cain sacrificed Abel, and THAT is when he finally got the pay off he wanted, alright.

The practical take away from this post is that when something that you don’t want taken is taken from you, or something that you don’t want to walk away from is something that needs to happen; think of those things as a sacrifice and navigate through it with the intent to receive bigger and better; knowing that there is bigger and better to come if you do it right. Use that void as a magnet for whatever it is you want and you shall receive.

One thing I remember being told: If you don’t make the necessary sacrifices in life - they’re made for you.

There is a deep mystery behind self sacrifice and ritual sacrifice that I’d love to talk about too but alas it is 4:46AM and I need sleep. I also wanted to talk about how sacrifices are done without having to physically kill someone but that is not something I should be publically sharing 😂 I will do another post soon, though.

Don’t pull a Thanos on Gamora while I’m gone. I’ll be pissed.

Until Next Time,

Occult Hours

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Kiana Anaïk
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