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Cursed TV Shows: Episode 1 Glee

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

I'm doing a new serie. All of you wanted to hear about “Cursed” Shows that have sacrificed cast members, so here it is! I couldn’t fit both into one blog without writing a short novel so I’ll be doing this in installments.

If you haven't already read my Blog Post on Energetic Sacrifices and how they work, it'll prime you with the mechanics if you click here.

My entire fascination with this arose from a friend's mention of Naya Rivera's death.

I was like WTF? There’s no way, she was JUST IN the news! Dating Big Sean - or whatever…right?

My friend continued to disagree with me as he told me to "look it up then." This is where my fascination piqued... Naya Rivera, pronounced dead at 33 years old.

After looking it up, that's when I realized that 3 people, that also happened to be main characters from the show, Glee, were all DEAD. HMM, yeah - Let me tell you about one demonic pact (for fame) situation that went wrong. My old Coven leader and his Adept Advisor actually helped the last standing victim of this pact. For multiple safety reasons, I won’t be elaborating on what the demonic pact was or how it was done, but just know that the victims were tricked by a high up Goetic demon, and 3 (out of 4) people from a band were found with mysterious deaths. One died in the middle of driving, one died from suicide overdose (to stop the voices/insanity), and I forget how the last one died but it was something associated with dying in the middle of doing something (like eating). Remember this story for future installments - the mysterious death aspects will be important to remember.

The last person standing was having water problems at his place, his pipes were messed up, his drain was messed up, and water was constantly coming out of everywhere that he would go to. He was also experiencing Final Destination type of situations because the Goetic Demon has all of his 100 legions after these guys. The demon that he had a pact with (will not be divulging) was a demon who had control over water. I decided to explain this story so that you guys understand what I've experienced and how I came to the conclusion that Glee is definitely a cursed show.

Lets get to it!

Glee became a monumental show after it first aired on May 19, 2009. Within 1 year, Glee and its actors won countless awards from associations such as: The Golden Globes, SAG, and The Grammys.

When I originally pieced this together, I thought I was the first one to do so... unfortunately (to my almost nonexistent ego) I wasn't, however I did do research that I didn't see anybody else do in their articles.

The main characters are an all inclusive mix of highschool black sheeps who come together to form an indestructible choir group. How do I know this? Kind of embarrassing - but I used to watch this show in highschool.

This "curse" all started with Cory Monteith who played one of the top 2 main characters, Finn Hudson. Cory was the first one to pass, which most likely accelerated the ending of the TV series in 2015. On July 13, 2013 (Remember this date), he was found DEAD at Vancouver's Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel which happens to also be close to a place called Deadman’s Island. He was 31 when he was found dead with a lethal mixture of alcohol, heroin, codeine, and morphine in his system.

Cory Monteith

Deadman's Island is off limits and known to have exposed skeletons all over the island because it is assumed that it's a mass grave of people who possibly died from disease. Some of the remains have been exhumed and reburied at a different site where they can lay in peace.

Map Screenshot of Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

Cory was dating Lea Michele at the time of his death. Co-Star Jenna Ushkowitz has reported in an interview that it was a shock to the crew because Cory never let any of his drug addiction affect his work nor his interactions, claiming that he was considered their leader offscreen, the one who always pulled everyone together.

The next person is Mark Salling, he played Noah Puckerman who was also a main character, but not as big as Cory. Mark Salling was convicted guilty of possession of child p^^n and committed suicide by hanging when he would’ve spent 4-7 years in prison. He was found dead at 35 years old on January 30, 2018. For some reason, it was hard to find more information about his death, but he was found hanging by a riverbed in Shadow Hills/Sunland, California.

Coinicidentally, In Season 3 Episode 14, Mr. Schuester started the class by writing “2020” on the board. He looked at the glee members and said “Where will you guys be in the year 2020?” Puck, (Mark Salling) said: “In jail or dead,” which was definitely foreshadowing.

Cory Monteith with Mark Salling

Lastly, is yet again ANOTHER main character - Naya Rivera. This one is definitely creepy. She disappeared on July 8, 2020 after going on a boat trip with her and her son. She rescued her son but drowned in Lake Piru out of the Devil's Canyon which happens to also be by a place called “Diablo’s Cove.”

Piru also means "evil spirit," "devil," or "demon" according to Finnish Folklore. This entity likes to play games and is also known for trying to take little childr

en, hence Naya Rivera's focus on saving her son and possibly sacrificing her own life amidst it. I sometimes wonder if she said to take her as long as her son is okay, because her son seemed to have been found NOT panicking and unscathed.

Her son was found on the boat with a life vest on while the other vest was still on board, authorities claim she used the last of her strength to save her 4 y.o. son who was found perfectly fine. It was also said that her body was trapped under vegetation and wasn’t able to surface until she was freed from it… Naya was found dead at age 33 on July 13, 2020 on the SAME EXACT anniversary day as Cory’s death, but that’s NOT it…

Naya sang “If I Die Young” on the show in tribute to Cory Monteith, but I can’t help but think a few of them already knew of their fate. Here’s the link, she even sings about SINKING into a river. Enjoy the other information after you listen to this:

A few common denominators:

~ Each one of them was found dead by WATER.

Cory was found close to Deadman’s Island at a hotel that's on the edge of a harbor, Naya was found dead floating by Diablo’s Cove, and I couldn’t pinpoint Mark’s exact location, but his corpse was found in Shadow Hills by a river. All of them were led to water and by places that have connections to "The Devil." Cory and Naya also happened to die in Cancer season which is a water sign that's all about recycling souls ( an added bonus of harvesting emotional energy). These were all considered tragic deaths.

~ All characters alluded to their deaths in the show.

I already mentioned Mark's character in Glee saying he's either be dead or in jail by 2020. There are many other nuances, like Naya performing Amy Winehouse in Glee - Amy being someone who also died young. She opens her Amy Winehouse cover of "Valerie" by singing: Well, sometimes I go out by myself And I look across the water...

Don't forget that I mentioned earlier her tribute song "If I Die young," to Cory which now sounds like a tribute to herself.

Naya Rivera also seemed to have known of her fate because she left a lot of foreshadowing-type of messages on her IG for her son and I'm sure privately as well.

Cory also had an episode where he says he wants to be like his father, but then learns that his father died of an overdose. Last, Mark said he'd be dead or in jail by 2020. Cory also sings a DOORS classic in season 1 (Jim Morrison also died of an overdose at the peak of his career). Finn/Cory gives Rachel/Lea a star named after him telling her than whenever she felt lonely that he’d always be looking down on her. Finn’s line in 'Saturday Night Glee-ver’ is “What I want is for time to stop." Finn/Cory’s first line in his verse of 'We Are the Champions’ is “I’ve paid my dues, time after time…”. In one of Cory's interviews he said he really hoped he had "paid his dues" since his success on Glee. Cory most likely already knew what was coming.

~ These 3 actors were part of the top 5 main characters of the show, meaning BIG FAME and probably BIG sacrifices too. This entire TV series became a HIT and there are still people mourning, watching, and commenting.

~ Numerology: 8, 13, and 15 involved with every single date. All of these numbers represent death, deals with the devil, and paying/karma.

July 13, 2013 = 17/8

July 13, 2020 = 15

January 30, 2018 = 15

15 in Tarot is the card of the Devil, which clearly depicts 2 people being chained to the devil.

13 in Tarot is the card of DEATH.

Other members who have mysteriously died:

Jim Fuller, the assistant director passed away on September 14, 2013 in his sleep at age 41. His death was a SUSPECTED heart failure and because of that was not ruled a mysterious death (because muggles think there's always a normie reason). This was the second death after Cory. Cory was the 2nd most important character in the show. Jim was the 2nd most important part of directing the show! The way he passed reminds me of how people who have broken into cursed egyptian tombs have passed away - just the casual early death-in -sleep thing again. Totalllyyyyy normal though, right?

Nancy Motes, a production assistant on Glee, DROWNED in a bathtub at 37, it was a drug overdose ruled suicide. She was found dead on February 9, 2014. Her step sister was Julia Roberts and she blamed all of them for her suicide which for some reason became unbearable. She would be the 3rd death, less than a year after Jim and Cory. Notice that the water theme is repeated here.

Glee is still a relatively young show and we have yet to see if more people from the cast are going to go ( I hate to say it). The next episode of Cursed TV Shows will be on a much older show that has had much more time to claim it's victims.

As for Glee, I find it very interesting that many of the cast members accuse Lea Michele of making the show “a living hell.” I’m assuming one of them made a pact and it could most likely be her or (one or all of) the 3 writers. Ofc I could also be totally wrong.

Hopefully you've read my blog post on Sacrificing for gain, because it mentions how sacrifices don't always have to be physically performed, they can also be energetically performed to create a physical result.

Lea is actually the MAIN character so I’m surprised nothing has directly happened to her. She also seems like someone who wouldn't normally be able to acquire as much fame as she has... especially considering a lot of the audience (and cast) doesn't like her. She also had a lot of beef on set with Naya Rivera - who was dating Mark Salling during the show, long before he was caught and convicted. Another big factor pointing to Lea, was that Lea was dating Cory when he died, and usually celebrities who sacrifice for fame have to sacrifice someone close to them... (cough Ariana Grande cough).

Many of the cast have expressed their hatred for the date of July 13th, because of it's claiming of their cast members.

There are too many mysterious deaths and weird nuances for me to rule this out as anything less than a curse. What I truly think it is - is a poorly made sacrificial pact for the success of the show or personal fame. Many reported that after Cory died, so did the show. There are also songs by other cast members like "I'm Not Going," which leads me to believe they all know about the curse and actively tried to denounce it - while the other 3 may have accepted their fates. One thing that I can confidently say is that this is no coincidence. May their shades rest in peace.

Until next time!

- OH

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Nov 04, 2023

Great post! do you think its interesting the writers went on to create a much darker themed series (American Horror Story) after Glee?

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